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July 5th, 2009

01:21 am - the fabulous life of...

Ha, you know your favorite band has gotten pretty big when you're watching the "Fabulous Life Of..." (Cinderellas) and in the background their song, Year 3000, starts playing. I was like yeah that's right people are finally taking them seriously. I love them and now so does everyone else. I hope they keep doing what they love.
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June 9th, 2009

10:17 pm - Bored?

Please visit this site.
Getting it up and running has been soooo hard.
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May 28th, 2009

09:27 pm - Bestfriends.

She sat in her room quietly crying in her pillow. She’d just gotten in a fight with her parents again and she couldn’t take it anymore. She finally looked up from her very damp pillow and saw the three people who got her through her day. They’d just gotten home too, they we perfect. They were Nick Joe and Kevin Jonas. She finally met them after attending several of their concerts. She'd always liked Kevin but as soon as she met Joe, they clicked. They instantly became best friends. She picked up the phone and pressed the speed dial she knew all too well. "heeello." she heard Joe answer happily on the other end of the phone. "Hey" she tried to hide her quivering voice but from Joe it was no use. "What happened?" "Ummm....can I come over?" she really didn’t want to talk about it on the phone. "Um yeah, sure! Do you need me to come get you?" "Please?" she was happy she had someone she could always depend on. "I'll be right there. Ok?" "Thanks Joe" ten minute later Joe was in front of her house and she climbed into his car. As soon as she closed the door he drove off and no sooner than they were off her street Joe asked what happened. “How bad was it this time." "I’m grounded, I don’t respect my mom." Joe briefly looked at her confused. "What? What did you do?" she sighed and shook her head looking out the window. "I don’t know, she’s been on this rampage and I don’t know what’s wrong." they pulled up in front of the Jonas house and stopped. "What are you doing here if you’re grounded?" she looked at him and rolled her eyes. They got out of the car and walked towards the house. "Joe, please don’t lecture me on rules." she walked through the familiar house and towards the staircase. Before she could even put her foot on the first step Joe grabbed her wrist. "I’m not going to let you stay here if you’re not supposed to. If they find out you were here, which they probably will, you won’t be able to come back." "Joe I’m 17, almost 18. I can make my own decisions." she tried to make another attempt up the stairs but instead he turned her to face him. "That’s no how it works and you know that." he glared at her and she caved. "Joe I can’t be home anymore. I hate it there. Everyone is always yelling at me." she started crying and Joe pulled her into a hug. "I just can’t stand it. I’m just not allowed to do things on weekdays." Joe laughed a little beneath her. "Come on, let’s go up stairs." he left an arm around her waist and they walked up to his room. "Wanna watch a movie?" she smiled with her eyes all red to approve of his suggestion. "Transformers?" he knew her so well. They sat watching the movie and soon she fell asleep snuggle into the crook of his neck. When the movie was over Joe whispered her awake. “Hey, baby girl wake up.” She sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. “Sorry for falling asleep.” “It’s alright, ready for me to take you home?” She looked at him for a moment and thought about the home she’d be going to. “Can I just stay here?” “Umm, yeah, you can stay in my bed; I’ll sleep on the couch.” He didn’t see anything weird about it because she’d stayed there many times before they’d left for tour. She looked into Joe’s eyes pleadingly. “Joe stay with me, please?” He couldn’t argue with her, “Ok.” He lay back propped up on the headboard. She laid her head on his chest; they were lying there for a while before she said something again. “Joe?” “Yeah?” “Can I tell you something and you promise it won’t be weird?” Joe made a face at her in the dark, “You can ask me anything love.” She breathed in deeply and let out her secret, “Joe, I think I'm in love with you.” Joe was quiet and it made her nervous. “Joe I'm sorry, I didn’t mean to make it_” “No, I think I love you too.” She looked up towards him and smiled. “Can I kiss you now?” Her smiled could be seen from the stars.

Current Location: Floor of my living room. ha.
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May 24th, 2009

12:15 am - Concerts<333
I've got my tickets for....
<333August 1st in Las Vegas,
<333August 5th in Fresno, California, 
<333and August 9th in Anahiem, California.

I am soooo excited. Anyone else going to any of those shows?
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Current Music: Paranoid by Jonas Brothers

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April 6th, 2009

07:12 pm - Jonas Secrets

      Ok so my bestfriend will never admit she's a jonas fan to anyone but me but this i guess is proof. SHe had a dream with the jonas brothers in it and i've been writing a story (Which i can post i just need a little encouragement) and i told her to write it down and this is what she got. The red is hers and the black is my revision or adding...do you have any ideas i dont want her to stop writing because she doesnt know where to take this.


Hannah and Mines Life
life is a funny thing. I would always used to say I don't like the Jonas Brothers. Then it happened, it was between dreaming and reality. I was a Hannah Montana only I was a Hannah without the Montana .it was more like being a secret pop star and it was only Hannah. On the other side of my life I was Hailey an average 15 year old girl trying to get by in life. Sometimes to me it was like two different personalities in side of me. I guessed it just depended on how I was feeling. When I do sing in front of an audience no matter how big I feel what I’m holding inside and let it out.



Jonas Brother Concert
 anyway it was a big night for the the Jonas Brothers. They were staying in San Diego for one of their big tours. I was going to perform for them as Hannah. Entering the stadium that I have been in so often they made it look huge and every single seat was sold out. I went back stage to meet the group. There I saw Kevin sitting down playing his guitar with his bogyguard. He looked very frustrated. Kevin noticed me and gave me a harsh look. All of the sudden nick was in my saying "oh my gosh your Hannah! I’ve always wanted to meet you."
"Same to you. I’m so happy to just play with you guys” then Joe came up introducing himself. Not paying attention to him I looked behind to get a second glance at Kevin who seemed very pissed off at the moment. While Joe and nick were still talking Kevin caught me staring and gave me the coldest stare I had ever received. I turned away quickly thinking 'what did I ever do to him. I mean Hannah was on the top charts but so were the Jonas brothers I mean you can’t beat number one. I wonder if he thinks I’m trying to get the number one rank.' interrupted by my thoughts Joe continued to go on of how much I inspired him in a song ''hitting the top''. How ironic I thought since they were the ones 'hitting the top'. Nick and Joe introduced to their entire band except for Kevin who I guess was having some alone
time. It was almost time for the concert.



Over the next few weeks the Jonas boys were really sweet even though I was going through some tough times at home, they were there. Then came the day I couldn’t perform. A few shows past and still I couldn’t do it. Of course I missed the rush but I just couldn’t get over the slump. The Jonas Brothers’ tour ended and they were back in LA. We were hanging out when…


Life with Surprises
the boys decided they needed a coffee break and there was a cool new cafe they wanted to take me. Before we entered the cafe I noticed a flyer on the window in big words Hannah performing here tonight at 7 o'clock come and enjoy. Confused and out raged by not knowing what was going on I asked nick "what is this?" pointing to the flyer.
"Oh that” he smiled. “We were gonna tell you inside but we've decided that it’s your night and we want you to perform here,
"are you crazy I can’t. We can't you’re supposed to perform YOUR concert in like five minutes."
"Yeah about that" Joe replied. “We lied about performing tonight"
now very confused I mumbled "I don’t get it"
"well it really is simple, you sing and we just play." nick answered in a smart ass tone.
"No. I don’t get why you would do this for me?"I said back.
"Because we wanted to help."
"Help with what". I was totally lost now they wanted to help for whatever reason. I couldn't figure out why i mean i would like to get first in the charts but that doesn’t mean singing in a cafe that doesn’t even look open.
"you see" nick said interrupting my thoughts. "We know you are having some trouble and are feeling down so we wanted you to start fresh with a whole new sta-."
Joe cut in" start. We want you to sing in a quiet calm area so you don’t feel pressured about doing so badly"
oh great they were thinking of me and my break up with gray Harper. They actually thought i was feeling bad and couldn’t sing in front of thousands of people.im mean they kinda were right. I didnt want to sing but my parents say I needed to be strong and decide what i wanted to
do.so i said performing with the Jonas brothers since they offered, but it was all a scheme.now i felt angry and depressed thinking of how my life was a few months back.i guess nick and joe saw the emotions running through my face.

"Please don't be mad. You don't have to do it.we just thought it would help” nick quickly explained.

"It’s ok I’ll do it. I mean you guys went through all this trouble to get me out here so I guess i might as well. Let’s go. "I start to feel better.


I played my first show in a while with one of the most popular bands as MY back up band. Even though I’m sure a lot of the crowd was for them, Nick assured me it wasn’t, “Hailey, they loved you, you did so well.” “Everyone was here for you guys I mean come on, you're the Jonas Brothers!” Kevin was of course on edge as normal, it is so irritating that for no reason he’s always been hostile. Joe noticed me thinking about something. “Maybe we should get something to eat?” Thank goodness he was there. “I think we should go to IHOP, yeah?” Nick said without accepting an answer he pulled us all through the giant crowd and we were in the Tahoe. Kevin spoke for the first time in a while, “Hailey, do you think that after tonight you’ll want to do more shows?”

“Umm actually I was thinking that maybe I could. I really did miss performing.” Kevin continued talking, something I didn’t anticipate. “So would you maybe be our opener? We need someone good and your one of the only people we trust enough.”

I was completely shocked by this offer, especially coming from Kevin. “Are you serious?” I managed. Nick continued to tell me how much fun it would be and that they really would appreciate it. I couldn’t deny these Jonases so I agreed to play with them. What I didn’t know is that they’d already told their manager and we were actually heading out the next evening.

When the boys came to pick me up the next morning it was early and I wasn’t really awake. I remember slightly that Nick and Kevin had come to help with my bags, I was staying on their bus. I knew Joe was probably still sleeping so I wasn’t to nervous about going back to sleep myself.

When I finally awoke by choice we were on the road somewhere I think in Arizona. Phoenix was the first stop. I got up and went down the hall to the kitchen to find the crazy boys I call friends flipping pancakes across the room. “What are you doing?” I moaned by their obvious need to be dorks. “Makin’ pancakes” Joe insisted. He had that funny look on his face that meant he knew he wasn’t doing what he was supposed to be. It weird that I’ve gotten close enough where it’s not just a friend relationship but seems how they're boys and I'm the only girl, that it is a maternal one too.

Realizing the maternal feeling was there hurt when I realized Joe was one of the most beautiful creatures to ever walk this planet. He was funny and amazingly hot without a shirt on, like now. “Joe, I cannot believe you would think to throw pancakes.”

Joe looked patronized and dipped his head as to look at his feet. “Sorry.” Then he looked up with a smile and we knew the awkward had passed. “want one?”

I smiled at his grin and nodded for one of the Frisbee-cakes. He brought me one as I sat down, they weren’t all that bad which mean Kevin probably made them. Joe left the room only to return with a shirt on. He saw me look at him and decided he needed to elaborate.

“I figured it was a little weird me not having a shirt on. Sorry.” He said with little actually plead. I looked at him with sarcasm in my eyes, “oh yeah, so weird. You know I don’t care Joe.”


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Current Music: Jonas Brothers' Inseperable

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